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Author: Lewis Balentine

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KeyWild Personal Video Recorder:

October 2014

KW-PVR is a personal video recorder based on show listings and the VLC media player. TitanTV provides a method to select broadcast shows (OTA, Cable, or Satellite) from their listings to be recorded or watched in real time. Unfortunately VLC does not have a method to use this information. This application is my resolution to that minor inconvenience.

The Application consist of three small executable programs and an INI file:

1) kw-pvr-cfg.exe

This program builds the required INI file for the application. There are two field values that the program can not resolve: your time time zone and your tuner hardware. These must be manually entered. There is information provided in the file kw-pvr-ini.txt to assist you in this task.

2) kw-pvr.exe

This program is run to process the TitanTV files and scheduled the programs to be recorded … or to build a VLC playlist if the program is run in PlayNow mode. This program can be added to the task schedule as a repeated task to automate the process.

3) kw-pvr-run.exe

This program is triggered by the OS task scheduler at the appropriate time to read the show's XML file and launch VLC to record the show. Its principal purpose is to circumvent the 255 command line character limit of the Microsoft's task scheduler.

The application has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 professional. It is assumed to run on Windows Vista and Windows 8. The INI file options have been made extremely flexible such that it will hopefully work with further upgrades to the Microsoft OS. The user may also configure the use any valid combination of VLC CLI (command line interface) options. The application supports the use of a user specified post-processing command as well. Please see the file “kw-pvr-ini.txt” for more information including command line options.

This application will NOT run correctly under the Linux Wine environment because of the lack of the program “schtasks.exe” in that environment.

As the application does everything that I want there are no upgrades planned at this time.

Download Files:

Standard Setup

This is the standard setup produced by Microsoft Visual Studio. It will create the required directory, install the required files, make an appropriate entries in the uninstall information and menu system. (1.5 Mbytes)

Minimal Files

This contains only the three program files and the documentation text file. This is for individuals that already have the VB6 runtime installed and do not wish to use the Microsoft setup program. (98 KBytes)

Source Code

The application was developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (a.k.a. Visual Studio 98) because compiled VB6 program run on all the target OS environments from XP forward (without the need to download a specific version Net Frame works). There is nothing exotic about the program code. It can probably be ported to the latest version of visual studio with very little effort. I might even be able to be ported to Vbscript . Porting it to GAMBAS would be a bit of a challenge because there are a lot of Global Variables. (79 Kbytes)

VB6 Run Time

This is the standard setup produced by Microsoft Visual Studio that installs a “test program” for VB6 and all of the run-time controls provided in the VB6 Professional version. I prefer this method rather than having to go through an install for each VB6 program that I create (see minimal files above). The Microsoft EULA and REDIST.TXT are included in this package. (14.2 Mbytes)

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